Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in making sure that the teeth are aligned in order to get a perfect relation between the top and the bottom dental arches, taking in to account the molars, canines and incisors.

This task is performed by an orthodontist that, after finishing his Odontology studies, under goes a Master degree with the goal of achieving there quested knowl edge to be able to modify the whole occlusion and face bones.

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    Improve your smile and facial appearance.

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    Prevent tooth decay by correcting areas where plaque can be easily build up.

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    Improve the profile in patients with protruding teeth.

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    Improve joint disorders (sounds at the ears level).

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    Prepare the teeth to welcome prosthetics and dental implants.


Children should attend their first orthodontic check-up by the age of 6, in order to prevent problems of squashed teeth, crossbites, habits such as thumb sucking or tongue pushing, also by guiding jaw growth.

The benefits include avoiding future issues such as premolar extractions, including canine teeth, wrong alignment –crossed, antero-posterior- of the jaw bones.

Early treatments are performed with removable braces, simple and easy to manage.


This treatment has no age limit, however it’s a little bit more compex as adults usually suffer jaws and bones problems, lost of teeth or systemic illnesses due to the age.

Adults that have lost dental pieces should fix a check-up with the orthodontist in order to close gaps between the teeth and parallelize teeth roots, before undergoing a costly treatment such as implants or dental replacements, so that we can guarantee an appropiated and comprehensive approach.


Braces with expanders for children can be used to correct narrow jaw morphologies, cross bites and functional mandibular deviations. They can also provide more space for the adult teeth.


Invisalign are the ultimate invisible braces. They correct the position of the teeth with transparent, removable and very comfortable aligners so that no one will notice you are wearing them.


Invisible lingual braces help correct the position of your teeth. Because they are invisible and on the tongue-side of your teeth, nobody will notice you are wearing braces. As each patient is different, your treatment will take into account your own individual needs


Visible brackets are used to correct the position of the teeth with the braces placed on the outside of the teeth.


They should be used a minimum of 5 years once the orthodontic treatment has been finished. Its aim is to keep the occlusion that has been achieved and avoid relapses (teeth moving back to the initial position).
Both fix and removable are available.


It is the Orthodontic treatment taken before orthognathic surgery, that is corrective jaw surgery. It can be done either with conventional or lingual brackets


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